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New Moon of Abib 2024 New Year Convocation & Fellowship (audio)

In this post you will find the audio from our Morning and Evening New Moon of Abib 2024 New Year Convocation and Fellowship: Here are 2 downloads or streaming audio files available to you: Our Morning New Moon Call to Worship & Bible study Message A Better Understanding of Abib and the Agricultural Year.     Our Evening New Moon Call to Worship & Sermon Message:  “Sanctified Time” by Brother Minister J. Hastings     Support the efforts of those who Minister to you… We spend the time in our lives for you. What will you spend on us? Give as … Continue reading

13th New Moon Liturgical worship & Messages: “Reformed Faith, Lawful Life” , “Christ is King”

Here’s the audio from the 13th New Moon Convocation of 2nd Adar which was kept on Tuesday the 9th of pagan April. Below are the morning and evening portions of our Convocation: AM Convocation with message: “Reformed Faith Lawful Life” (Bible study)- JS Lowther PM Convocation with message: “Christ is King” – J Hastings If you are in Appalachia and would like to attend our special Monthly services, these messages will give you a good overview of how we worship and what we believe. Please contact us at rncministry@gmail.com if you are interested. We hope you enjoy, Blessings, RNCM

11th Month of Sabat: Appalachian New Moon Convocation and Fellowship

Here is the audio from the 11th New Moon Convocation of Sabat. We had a very exciting time, and greatly enjoyed ourselves, especially with seeing all the children enjoying life in the spirit of holiness and enjoyment of one another as a Kindred Covenant Family- the future of Appalachia is looking up ;) More Exciting times are ahead!  The Call to Morning Worship with Psalm Singing, Confessional Covenanting, elder’s Readings and the Message from Deuteronomy 1’s liturgical remembrance is all in one audio file (MP3) this time around… Click below. Sabat: The Scepter, the Rod and the Tribes (Government) DOWNLOAD … Continue reading

9th New Moon Liturgy & Message: “The New Moon, a Time to Celebrate Christ?” (12-13-2023)

“God has in Scripture given us a token to consider His Faithfulness to His Covenant, and those tokens are in the Heavens: The Sun, Moon and Stars. Among the most seeable, is the Remembrance or Memorial of the New Moon- In Hebrew, its very name implies, and its concept teaches us, the idea expressed in Christ’s eternal Covenant, the New Covenant.
The New Covenant is a covenant every Christian claims, but those who observe the New Moon have opportunity to understand it a bit more clearly and apply that clarity to our own relationship to Christ, the Father and the Spirit’s Work.” Continue reading

Morning & Evening Messages: Our General Doctrine Discussion / The image of jealousy in the dark chambers of imagery

Is this not so far the pattern we see in the church where God has forsaken the earth:
In the doctrine of the anti-nomian.
In the doctrine of the rapture theorists.
In the false cosmology of interpreting 2Co_4:4  to make “Satan the god of this world”.
In the non-post-millennial views of un-guided by the Lord’s prayer. Continue reading