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9th New Moon Weekend

9th New Moon Weekend worship and messages In our AM sabbath school devotional studies we covered 2 Corinthians 4 as we continued looking at being the result of “able ministers of the New Covenant”. In the Evening service we considered our final look at our month of studying the Regulative Principle. We looked at Professors & Dreamers from Ezekiel 13, and Deuteronomy 13 in applying Deuteronomy 4:2 On the New Moon Day, we discussed the texts and application of the texts which speak of the 9th New Moon of Chisleu in a study of Nehamiah 1 and Jeramiah 36   … Continue reading

The Regular Principle in Worship (12-1-2022 / 8-8-2022)

The Regular Principle in Worship  There are various aspects of worship in the life of men, and when men worship God in strange ways is certainly an indication of the fruit which a man has as a tree in God’s sight. In the life of a believer whose heart is established in Grace, that man’s life must be a life of worship, not just a set apart time of the week when men worship in a particular way together, yet in the life of worship we do see times of joint worship with others in a ministerial way. All of … Continue reading