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Sanctifying for Communion Series

In these messages I have offered a bit on our practice and why we do as we do, but the main focus will be of preparing the heart, mind and soul of our congregation for that special time with Christ we believers look forward to every year in the mediation and observation of His Word to our heart, and how it is a time indeed not to be overlooked, ignored or taken lightly. Continue reading

Pt.9 Whatsoever Things… (Philippians – An Exposition Ch.4-Final Message)

It is obvious this 4th chapter is focused upon the prior 3, they are one epistle.
Paul sets the record straight by teaching the mind of the saint in regard to knowledge, judgment, bearing fruits of righteousness to the glory of God through Christ’s work, our apprehension and attaining, and from what origin of God’s glory all of who we are rests. Continue reading

pt.8 Contrasting Glories with Righteousness (Philippians-An Exposition: Chapter 3)

“Philippians- An Exposition“ This message is the 8th part after the introduction of an expository study of the Epistle of Philippians written by the apostle Paul under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. In this study message we will be looking a Philippians 3 with specific emphasis on verses that speak of glory and Righteous-justification, with all of the past and current context we can use to expose this chapter’s text for what it says. Paul continues to warn us of by way of analogy of the dog like evil workers, comprised of those self-righteous individuals that glory in their cut … Continue reading

Adar New Moon Worship service & message 12-1-2021-22

  “Transitions: Anxiety and Stability– An elders’ perspective“ Elder brother Roger gives a testimony, some observation and advice all rolled into one message for our consideration. Remember when You are freely enjoying the notes you are reading or freely listen… SOME ONE IS STILL PAYING FOR IT Contribute when you can to keep us growing and free Subscribe to RNCM Podcast Feed iTunes • Other  CLICK HERE FOR OUR SUPPORT PAGE   MP3 AUDIO MESSAGE DOWN LOAD-Listen any time! OR Page for Streaming Message – You can follow along with study notes below!   This message directly follows the Worship … Continue reading

pt.6 Exercise Your Own Salvation with Fear and Trembling (Philippians- An Exposition / Recap ch.1-2)

Work-Our, Exercise and Cultivate the Salvation which has been begun in you by YHWH GOD. Continue reading