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Today- A Time to Come or a Time to Provoke? (Psalm 95) & 2 Cor 7 Expo

Today- A Time to Come or a Time to Provoke? (Psalm 95) This is an exposition of Psalm 95. We will be looking at the contrasted heart condition of the sheep who hear the Call to come and glorify God and the sheep who harden their hearts and provoke the LORD through their faithlessness. The story is told in the times of Moses and then told to us by the Apostles that such was “our example” as Christians, we are likewise given a staunch warning to not be ignorant of the danger of provoking the LORD, a warning endorsed by … Continue reading

2 Corinthians 5 Expo Bible Study & Zachariah 7 message- “Hearts as an Adamant Stone”

2 Corinthians 5 Expo Bible Study & Zachariah 7 message- “Hearts as an Adamant Stone” In our AM sabbath school devotional studies we covered 2 Corinthians 5. We are considering the after life expectation which the New Covenant li continued looking at being the result of “able ministers of the renewed New Covenant life of the Spirit offers a Christian. Paul reveals to us more about the state of the afterlife and the future judgment in the resurrection. In the Evening service we considered Zachariah 7 as our liturgical calendar of worship lead us to this consideration for this week … Continue reading

Last sabbath of 8th month and 9th Month of Chisleu for this year: Sabbath & New Moon Worship with Messages

(The Work of the New Covenant as taught by the New Moon)

This message is a subject study which looks at the nature of Spiritual Renewal as can be understood by the Heavenly ordination illustrated in the New Moon Chodesh of every biblical Month.

We will be discussing How an Elect Believer first hears the Word of God and is given the gift of Faith and is further moved to persevere it to his life as he applies the Word of God as Truth and Light. Continue reading

Preparing for the 2021 Feast of Ingathering & Tabernacles in Thanksgiving!

Greetings Kindred, Here in the Ohio River Valley we are in- gathering our crops and harvests, looking over the flocks and herds for the animals to be slaughtered for winter and the other agricultural things this time of the year bring us in its intrinsic nature. Grains are being harvested, fruits are being preserved, wine and cider is being made, root crops are being checked for future harvest, nuts are starting to fall and be collected, hay is being stored for winter provender for cattle. It is soon to be a time where the home will be tightened up for … Continue reading

New Calendar Helps are UP! (online and printable)

Greetings Kindred and online listeners,   This year we have made some effort to produce some calendar helps for families and Churches that have or are considering Reforming their times of worship to a more biblical standard. So these Calendar helps have been provided to help in that effort.   Gregorian Calendar Help for the agricultural year of 2021-22   RNCM Calendar Page (Sabbaths, New Moons, Feasts and Holy Days)     This Last Year past, Bro. Lowther had taught 2 series to help familiarize Christians to why we might care to do this, which messages and study notes you … Continue reading