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Abib, a Literal Ecclesiastical Year

This is a New Moon & New Year of Abib message and study which focuses on the importance of truly being  Ec-clesia and therefore a Hearer of the Word of God by faith.
How might the children of a biblical culture hear the ‘voice which goes out’ through an agricultural & Heavenly appointment of Months and weeks? Can Simple and plain worship according to the Word of God with a focus on spiritual application communicate the Gospel even in a world subdued by unrealistic and un-natural distractions?  Continue reading

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From Abib to Pentecost calendar

Greetings Kindred, Below is our new formatted calendar which is more Gregorian based. We will still be placing our Agri-Lunar based sheet calendars up as well, month to month, with all the scripture and events that occurred in Israel’s history at particular times of the year by the Lunar months (which is below the Gregorian style below on screen), but we find that for those who have to integrate their New Moon, Sabbath and Festival worship with the modern system this new format seems to be easier to follow along with and plan ahead by. A Word on planning ahead … Continue reading

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Announcement for this years day of Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread 2021

Greetings Kindred, Just making a quick announcement about the first annual feasts of the year, and the dates we will be celebrating it this year of our LORD Jesus 2021.   The Dates of this years Festival of the first Agricultural Month are as follows:   New Moon Festival of the First Month called Abib (Green Ears):   pagan Wednesday, May the 12th   The 14th day of the First Month which is Passover’s Day: pagan Tuesday, May the 25th     The 14th at evening & 15th day of the First Month which is the first day and Sabbath … Continue reading

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The End of the Agricultural Year and the Start of a New Year.

Old Year New Year Continue reading

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An Agricultural month of the Abib Feast of Weeks / Pentecost as undertood by the Lunar Sabbath Calendar (visual aid)

  This is a special post being sent out to help understand the current subject being discussed in the series RNCM  is working though  (How Do We Keep the Feast?)with Bro. JS Lowther regarding ‘How Do We Keep the Feast of Weeks?’ This series is devoted to explaining the timing and the hows’ of keeping an Agriculturally Biblically accurate Feast Calendar starting with the New Moon’s Renewal of The Abib, Abib’s first Sabbath leading to the Feast of Weeks by the count of Pentecost (50 days) according to the Sabbaths appointed by the New Moon calendation. Below is a representation … Continue reading

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