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Last Sabbath’s messages: 1 Peter Exposition / Our General Doctrines 2

 In this post you will find our 3 download or streaming audio files available to you: Our morning AM Bible Study, Where we started a class to generally discuss and explain the first three parts of Our General Doctrines, which you can find on our cover page of this website, in this class we’ll be discussing 2 distinctive points: “Pt.2 Nomian / Torah Observant, Theonomist” Our Evening Message: Where we have started a New Expository book Study of the Epistle of 1 Peter, this study has been titled “From Babes to a Holy Nation“, as it is felt that chapter … Continue reading

Abib’s New Moon Week End (wednesday april 19-20th 2023)

1st New Moon of Abib Weekend worship and messages Wednesday april the 19th / 29th day of the 12th Moon of Adar: In AM Bible School we continued our reading of God’s Organic Law and discussed the text of Genesis 15-20 for our 8th part of this study. Looking at the life of Abraham and much of the Organic Law matter that can be picked off the surface of the text we had a great time of discussion and learning. In Evening Worship: We had our usual Call to Worship Service And the Message delivered was the final message in … Continue reading

pt.2 A Lesson in Baptism: The Power of Christ’s Resurrection: Come Out, Be Separate

 In this post you will find 2 downloads or streaming audio files available to you from our efforts: We are continuing in our series on to part 2 in  A Lesson in Baptism. This message is designed to be taught in such a way that it can help emphasis the lesson in Baptism for the baptized as well as the those to be baptized. In this message we are going to discuss the use of Baptism holistically, how baptism is a likeness and figure and therefore a ‘sign’ of Christ’s resurrection and Sovreign kingship, we’ll consider the utterly important emphasis … Continue reading

A Lesson in Baptism pt.1 / Genesis 4-6 (Exposition of the Law)

 In this post you will find our 4 downloads or streaming audio files available to you from our efforts: We are continuing in our series into pt.1 of A Lesson in Baptism. In this message introduction will be made into the doctrinal standards from which we will be studying, as well we will be building an important bridge for Christian unity on this subject between Christian brethren. Our Expository and Devotional bible study is An Expositional Look at the Law of God, in this Interactive Study we begin with the Organic Foundations of Law, which are found in the book … Continue reading

pt.3 Distinctively Christian Covenants, Testimonies, Signs and Works.

In all testimonial signs the scripture appoints ‘elements’ and ‘works’ which comprise the ‘Sign’ and completed as a testimony of the Covenant when accompanied by the graciously given faith of God our Saviour .

Baptism: Water and the person being baptized or immersed- these are its major constituent elements.

Lord’s Supper: Bread (made of wheat or common cereal grain), Wine / Vine (Red wine resembling blood), the person Partaking- these are its major constituent elements. Continue reading