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Ohio Valley Called of Christ Covenant Renewal Convocation & Family Fellowship (5th New Moon / aug 17-2023

OHIO VALLEY CALLED of CHRIST NEW MOON CONVOCATION Worship Service Sermon Message : What is Convocation? Below are some of the features that you can hear being used in the Worship Service.   The Athanasian Creed  

Pt.3 To receive the Kingdom (Mark 10:13-16)

Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein.  Continue reading

To Whom Shall We Go? (John 6:67-69/ Luke 14:26-33)

“Who is truly a disciple? and how can I know?” Continue reading

Judgment and Reformation (1-29-2023)

 In this post you will find our 2 downloads or streaming audio files available to you: “Judgment and Reformation” This message considers individual, family and national curses on account of Idolatry and the way of Reformation. You will also find our Call to Worship and Confession with Song flowing out of the Psalms of David.     Support the efforts of those who Minister to you… We spend the time in our lives for you. What will you spend on us? Remember when You are freely enjoying the notes you are reading or freely listen to… SOME ONE IS STILL … Continue reading

pt.5 The Eternally New Covenant: Holiness and Righteousness Before HIM (final message) / Genesis 3 Expo

 In this post you will find our 2 downloads or streaming audio files available to you. We are continuing in our series into pt.5 of The Eternally New Covenant as we discuss the concept of  Holiness and Righteousness Before HIM as it interacts with the promises of God in the New Covenant. In this part of our study, we are specifically looking at the sanctified Life a New Covenant / New Testament member of the House of Israel and how they are to live “all the days of our life” in a progression of the principles established in our heart … Continue reading