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Say Not, I am a Child (A message for the 5th month from Jeremiah 1)

“I have made thee this day a defenced city, and an iron pillar, and brasen walls against the whole land…” Continue reading

As One Man- Delivered to Christian Reform Church

Greeting all who keep up with JS Lowther and RNCM, Last week I returned from a ministry engagement, for the brethren of Christian Reform Church. This was my contribution of the Word at that gathering: As One Man – JS Lowther Much thanks to the leadership of the Church, Brothers Zack and John, as well as the whole congregation that gathered for your attentive love and graciousness. Blessings! I hope it is a blessing to those who wait upon the Kingdom, Blessings, JS Lowther

Unleavened-Bread Sabbath Message & Wave Sheaf Resurrection Day Message (1-15 /1 -16)

Unleavened Bread Sabbath Message: “Begging the Body of Jesus”   Wave Sheaf / Resurrection day Message: “The Joy of the Sons of Men (A lesson of first-fruits)” Worship Service for Resurrection day 1st month 22 – R N C M (renewedcovenantministry.com)

11th New Moon Sebat Liturgy (“Fear or Faith?” A Message of Deuteronomy 1)

  “Fear or Faith?“ As per the Calendar Liturgy which we follow to direct our worship and studies, this message has been provided according to the remembrance of Deuteronomy 1:3, which tells that Moses the servant of God began the book of Deuteronomy on the 11th month of the year. Thus, at this New Moon a message has been extracted from the text of Deuteronomy 1 to aid our minds in a consideration of the things of YHWH God Almighty at this same time of the agricultural year as our fathers of the children of Israel: we do so for … Continue reading

pt.6 Amending a Fallen Brotherhood

In this study we will consider the first example of the amending and restoring of the Brotherhood through the establishment of the Ecclesia.
We will show from scripture, How Faithfulness demonstrated in the fear of God and in righteous judgment is the separating element which pits Tyranny against Justice as contestants for the rule or law in the hearts of the brethren as well as in the rulers of the brotherhood.  Continue reading