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The Foundation of the Temple

“The Foundation of the Temple“ This is a liturgical message delivered on the 1st week of the Lunar Month of Zif which directs our minds towards the consideration of the foundations of the Temple                                                           as per 1 Kings 6:1 & 2 Chron 3:1-2. In this message we will give consideration to the site of the temple, why and how it was chosen, and the significance of the Temple in the Christian life … Continue reading


SABBATH BIBLE STUDY AUDIO MESSAGE 5-29 (2017) TIP! CLICK the AUDIO MESSAGE LINK and then Follow along in study below… or down load the mp3 and listen any time! (This Compilation is Esword compatable! -Just cut and past into you topic notes) The Book of RUTH (The last 4 chapters of Judges) JUDGES CHAPTER 23 RUTH pt.2 Compiled by JS Lowther   So the Pleasant widow who has deemed her self Bitter, has returned to her home land in Bethlehem of Judah with her loyal and faithful daughter in law her Friend Ruth. Heavy emphasis has been placed upon the … Continue reading