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Day of the Memorial of the Blowing of Trumpets 2021

The message delivered for the feast of the New Moon Sabbath of the 7th Month, “The Day of the Memorial of the Blowing of Trumpets” (Lev 23:23-24). Continue reading

pt.10 Who Is He That Overcometh the World? (1 John 5:1-5:5)

The answer to the question asked by John “Who is he that overcometh the World?” has 1 answer that impacts the heart and mind of the Child of God as a victorious warrior of Christ, yet there are 4 prior points of overcoming stated by John which are aspects of overcoming that this epistle has intertwined with that simple answer to this question “he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God.”.
In this exposition we are going to fill up the meaning of “believing that Jesus Christ IS the Son of God” as we study 1 John. While Bro. Lowther offers the Word of God to the Holy Spirit prepared for your ears, that God might implant it into your Heart through the Hearing of Faith. Continue reading

pt.9 The Victory in Faith to Keep His Commandments (1 John 4:20-5:4)

“The Victory in Faith to Keep His Commandments“ This message is An Exposition of the Book of 1 John. In part 9 we will be covering from chapters 4:20-5:4, In this part of the G section of the Epistle we have more to learn on the Love of God and the Love of Brother as John teaches about how the Overcomer’s Victory over the world is fought in the arena love; and that whatsoever desire one has in their life as they are proud to preform is where their love truly is regardless of what the mouth says. There are … Continue reading