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Blessed and Happy Ingathering 2020

With this festival time of thanksgiving it is important to remember how good the LORD is and how His mercy truly endures unto all generations of those who keep His Covenant in and through the person of Jesus Christ. Continue reading

Up and coming feast of Ingathering / Feast of Tabernacles

We are considering our celebration of the feast of Tabernacles this year, and wonder if you are as well? Rather than waiting until it is too late to contact us, make the initiative ahead of time and contact us at servant@renewedcovenantministry.com The Feast will be held on the agricultural 7th month from the 15th day to the 22nd day as specified in Scripture (Leviticus 23) Ok, ok :) Or AKA from  Oct 31st (saturday) to the following (saturday) Nov 8th . All interested in attending for fellowship and convocation should be made within 1 month of the date above (Oct … Continue reading