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Why The Law? Pt. 1 All Have Sinned

In all generations the question of ‘Why the Law’ occurs? The question ultimately asks the LORD for his reason of legislating sin by his Law. Why did God tell us not to do some things? And the answer is quite attainable throughout scripture, but is best spelled out by Paul in this reading of Galatians and can be simply seen that it was to teach us like children our need for Faith, particularly the need of Jesus in order to be justified or made righteous by Faith. Continue reading

Spread the Seed of the Word of God

The Gospel of the KINGDOM Pt.2 John the Angel (Sabbath Bible Study 9-22(2018)

SABBATH BIBLE STUDY 9-22  (2018)   AUDIO MESSAGE PAGE AUDIO MESSAGE DOWN LOAD TIP! CLICK above to Download the mp3 and listen any time or Go to the AUDIO MESSAGES PAGE and stream on line while you Follow along in study below (This Compilation is Esword compatable! -Just cut and past into you topic notes) Compiled by JS LOWTHER renewedcovenantministry.com servant@renewedcovenantministry.com The Gospel of the Kingdom Pt. 2 John The Angel The Messenger of the Covenant   Notice the way in which the Gospel of the kingdom evangelized: Mar_1:15 And saying, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at … Continue reading

Spread the Seed of the Word of God