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Morning & Evening Messages: Our General Doctrine Discussion / The image of jealousy in the dark chambers of imagery

Is this not so far the pattern we see in the church where God has forsaken the earth:
In the doctrine of the anti-nomian.
In the doctrine of the rapture theorists.
In the false cosmology of interpreting 2Co_4:4  to make “Satan the god of this world”.
In the non-post-millennial views of un-guided by the Lord’s prayer. Continue reading

Let’s talk about modern concepts of Pentecost, shall we?

  This Year if you are an ardent adherent to the Gregorian calendar, AKA The Judeo-papistic feast calendar, you have what has been called a ‘perfect Easter’, and thus a ‘perfect Pentecost’.   What does this mean?   There are 2 cycles at play in the Jewish or Hillel II calendar:   The 7 day week- from sunday /1st day to saturday / 7th day counting scheme &   The MEAN lunar calendar or 18 year lunar cycle, (Hillel II); it is MEAN because it is only an attempt to regulate the festivals of mainstream Judaism with the cycle of … Continue reading

Feast of Weeks Sabbath Message and Worship 2021

And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place.  Continue reading

New Calendar Helps are UP! (online and printable)

Greetings Kindred and online listeners,   This year we have made some effort to produce some calendar helps for families and Churches that have or are considering Reforming their times of worship to a more biblical standard. So these Calendar helps have been provided to help in that effort.   https://renewedcovenantministry.com/gregorian-calendar-help-for-the-agricultural-year-of-2021-22/   https://renewedcovenantministry.com/calendar/     This Last Year past, Bro. Lowther had taught 2 series to help familiarize Christians to why we might care to do this, which messages and study notes you can find on these links below:   pt.1 The Sufficiency of Scripture & True Worship (New series: … Continue reading

Calendar help images and a word on giving and 2021

You will find the monthly reckonings of the New Moon based sabbath according to the phases of the moon in 2 different formats… Continue reading