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7th Month 2023 (Tabernacle / Ingathering, Trumpets, Atonements)

Worship and Messages 2023 Feast of Tabernacles & Ingathering Here is also the message offered on the 2 prior feast days of the 7th moonth: Trumpets New Moon- 2023 Atonement Preparation- 2023

pt.2 A Law of Sacrifice

A living sacrificial Christian offers his thanksgiving and praise in spirit and in truth, there is no other kind of Christian but one which soberly considers that if Christ died for Him then he must live for Christ… Continue reading

pt. 1 A Law of Sacrifice

 Pt.1 A Law of Sacrifice  What sacrifice does the Law and the Gospel require? What is the only sacrifice and offering able to take away sin? How do you offer sacrifice as a New Covenant Christian? We start to answer this question here on this first day of Tabernacle / Feast of Ingathering as we begin to offer our sacrifices unto the LORD GOD of Israel. Blessed be YHWH the one name of the Father, and the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen   Remember when You are freely enjoying the notes you are reading or freely listen… SOME … Continue reading

Seventh Month Holy day Schedule 2022

    The Time of Harvest is upon us, the gardens are finishing up, the field crops are being processed, the fruits are finishing up, the nuts are fallen, the cider is stored, the preserves are in the closet, the wine is bubbling. This is what our Biblical and Western ancestors celebrated every year as the feast of Ingathering and Thanksgiving, this is what the Law commemorates in the keeping of the Seventh Month, especially in the feast of Tabernacles! Please notice the Agricultural requirements that nature provides and the bible commands to be celebrated: Exo 23:16 …. the feast … Continue reading

Preparing for the 2021 Feast of Ingathering & Tabernacles in Thanksgiving!

Greetings Kindred, Here in the Ohio River Valley we are in- gathering our crops and harvests, looking over the flocks and herds for the animals to be slaughtered for winter and the other agricultural things this time of the year bring us in its intrinsic nature. Grains are being harvested, fruits are being preserved, wine and cider is being made, root crops are being checked for future harvest, nuts are starting to fall and be collected, hay is being stored for winter provender for cattle. It is soon to be a time where the home will be tightened up for … Continue reading