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Keeping Passover (Pascha) In Biblical Reality as a Christian (2017 message)

This is a message given last year on this very day, it is not intended to replace our Sabbath Bible Study for the week, as that will be sent out tomorrow as Part 4 of The LORD’s Supper: The Christian Pascha.   But it was felt to be needed for help on this subject as we look to YHWH God and His Perfect Son Manifested to take away our Sin for help to serve GOD rather than Men.   PASSOVER (PASCHA) In Biblical Reality Audio Message Page    Download

The LORD’s Supper: Pascha pt.3 Analogy of Biblical Reality (Sabbath Bible Study 1-1(2018)

Sabbath Bible Study    1-1 (2018) (click above for the Audio Message page) AUDIO MESSAGE DOWN LOAD  AUDIO MESSAGES PAGE   Compiled by JS Lowther ReNEWed COVENANT Ministry renewedcovenantministry.com servant@renewedcovenantministry.com (Support this Ministry? Send us an email to ask how.) THE LORD’S SUPPER Christian Pascha Sacrament of the Faith of Jesus Christ Part 3 Analogy of Biblical Reality Id’ like to start out by stating that many learned men of the past and present will disagree with this message, and I already know that. So for those who are living, and may hear this message, please know that I am willing … Continue reading

The LORD’S Supper: Pascha pt.2 Types & AntiTypes (Sabbath Bible Study 12-29(2018)