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6th New Moon week-end Messages and Worship

 In this post you will find our 3 download or streaming audio files available to you: “How to Finish a Great Work (Neh 6)” Which is an encouragement from the life of Nehemiah for the church today.” “Unto Us a Son is Born: trinity, hypostatic union, dual nature (Luke 2)” Which is a liturgical message based on the astronomical date placed in the text of Revelation 12:1. In this message the dual nature of Christ is focused upon as we consider the conflict we are challenged to overcome in believing fully in the hypostatic union of Christ’s united nature as … Continue reading

Revelation of the Knowledge of the Son / 2 Corinthians 3 new covenant-vs-old covenant expo

Revelation of the Knowledge of the Son In our main bible study for last sabbath we looked at the aspects of our doctrine concerning God the Son, Christ the Son of God, the Son of man the mediator the man Jesus Christ. This revelation is clearly spoken of in the Old Testament scriptures by Jesus and the New Testament writers who used them. The Doctrine of the Revelation of the Knowledge of the Son is the cornerstone of the Christian Faith, and is in much need of affirmation in a world that does not speak of such things nearly enough. … Continue reading

Announcement of the 9th Agricultural Month- Merry Sabbat and a Happy New Moon!

Remember to support our work if you want to continue to see more free offering like the monthly calendar. Continue reading

Non-Biblical Feasts Pt.3 (final part)

Visit our Support page to see how YOU CAN support our efforts of Kingdom Outreach.   SABBATH BIBLE STUDY 9-29 (2018) ReNEWed COVENANT Ministry Subscribe to RNCM Podcast Feed iTunes • Other MP3 AUDIO MESSAGE DOWN LOAD-Listen any time! OR Page for Streaming Message – Follow along with study notes below! This Compilation is Interactive with E-Sword! – FREE DOWN LOAD HERE THEN: Just cut and past into you E-Sword topic notes Below is the head of the idol of janusSays a lot about Christian society,  A double minded man is unstable in all his ways! James 1:8   Compiled … Continue reading