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WHAT IS THE (HOLY) SPIRIT? pt.7 Sabbath Bible Study 4-22(2017) Ephesians 4-6

Sabbath Bible Study 4-22 (2017) Audio Message   WHAT IS THE (HOLY) SPIRIT?  Part 7 Compiled by JS Lowther ReNEWed Covenant Ministry renewedcovenantministry.com     The subjects of Christ’s kingship and dominion over the earth offered and proclaimed in Psa_2:1-22, Psa_8:1-9 and Psa_110:1-7 have been a much needed and lacking part of understand in the role and function of the Holy Spirit: it’s gifts, fruits and effects upon the life of the redeemed Nation or Gentile of Israel. The Idea of the Holy Spirit having a solely individual function, a loving function and a mystical function as often taught in Sunday … Continue reading

WHAT IS THE (HOLY) SPIRIT pt.6 Sabbath Bible Study 4-15 (2017) Ephesians

    WHAT IS THE (HOLY) SPIRIT ? PART 6    Continuing into the subject of ‘What is the (holy) Spirit?’ this is part 6 of the series of the same name: The discussion focuses quickly upon the spiritual gifts of forgiveness, knowledge and prudence given by the Father through Christ the Son via the Holy Spirit of Promise as we once again see the scope of YHWH’s Word sighting in on the people of the Covenant’s, Promises and of whom concerning the flesh Christ came, who is LORD over all! As Israel become into view in the Ephesian epistle Paul’s … Continue reading

Haman The Amalekite of Edom (Sabbath Bible Study 12-15 (2017)

Purim Day Sabbath Bible Study 12-15 (2017)    For our Sabbath Bible Study on the day of Purim, an integral part of the Record of Esther Queen of Medo-Persia is the role of Haman the Agagite. Haman as some may know was a descendant of the people of Agag King of Amalek the ruling tribe and grand son of Esau-Edom, and as such an Ethnological study of the Genealogy of Haman is need to understand how this Generational struggle for the birth right and inheritance of Scripture effected Esther’s time as well as Today.


Preface SECTION I. SECTION II.A SECTION II.B SECTION III. Perspectives from the Epistles    On account of the focus of this compilation, that Chis Jesu(s) was manifested to take away our sins, and this not only by his sacrificial death, but arguably, His Perfect Sacrificial Life which he lived for us to show us that New and Living way, this section III will not deal with the parts of the Epistles of the disciples and Apostles that cover Circumcision, but will stay focused on the original subject matter.    Christian Circumcision in undoubtedly a subject which will be covered by … Continue reading