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Pt.5 At the Name of Jesu(s)

“Philippians- An Exposition“ This message is the fifth part after the introduction of an expository study of the Epistle of Philippians written by the apostle Paul under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. In this study message we will be looking a Philippians 2:5-16 with specific emphasis on verses 7-8, with all of the context we can use to expose the text for what it said prophetically and historically and says to us doctrinally. We will be seeing a conclusive case from these words Hebrews, Psalms and Isaiah as we consider the dual nature of Christ, His claim of self-creation and … Continue reading

pt.6 No Deceptions: He that doeth Righteousness is Righteous (1John 3:7-17)

“No Deceptions: He that doeth Righteousness is Righteous“ This message is An Exposition of the Book of 1 John. In part 6 we will be covering from chapters 3:7-3:17, and considering where Righteousness, Justification, Justice and Judgment come from in the life of a believer, we will consider sanctification or Holy-living by this Righteousness as it is against sin and in accordance with YHWH God’s Holy and Eternal Law, we will consider how Sin is a work of the Devil and how the Devil is the spirit of Anti-Christ. And most importantly we will consider our Call as Children of … Continue reading

pt.3 The Eternal Sonship of Christ Affirmed (1 John 2:18-20)

“pt.3 The Eternal Sonship of Christ Affirmed “ This message is An Exposition of the Book of 1 John. In part 3 we will be covering from chapters 2:18-21, and considering the Doctrine of Christ, namely the affirmation of Eternal Sonship and Eternal Word, the One Christ with 2 natures as Son of God Eternally with the Father in fellowship and the nature of the Son of Man who was manifest for our Salvation on earth. How the Word / title ‘Christ’ is indicative of the anointing or christening as Priest and King. The the prior we must then relate … Continue reading

Answers from the Pentateuch pt.7- Way of the Tree of Life: Genesis 3 (Sabbath Bible Study 6-29(2018)

SABBATH BIBLE STUDY 6-29 (2018) ReNEWed COVENANT Ministry   Subscribe to RNCM Podcast Feed iTunes • Other MP3 AUDIO MESSAGE DOWN LOAD-Listen any time! OR Page for Streaming Message – Follow along with study notes below! This Compilation is Interactive with E-Sword! – FREE DOWN LOAD HERE THEN: Just cut and past into you E-Sword topic notes Compiled by JS LOWTHER renewedcovenantministry.com servant@renewedcovenantministry.com Answers from the Pentateuch Part 7 The Way of the Tree of Life GENESIS 3 1Pe_3:15-16 …Sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you … Continue reading