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Words from last Sabbath: Esther / Purim Sabbath School Study, Worship, “Pt.3 Christians that are Worse than Infidels

In this post you will find our 3 download or streaming audio files available to you: Our Morning Sabbath School Bible study: Understanding Esther &  Purim  Our Evening Message: Message of Liturgical Doctrine: Pt.3 Pt.3 Christians that are Worse than Infidels This sermon is part of the series “Adar’s Kindred Message: Kindred Redemption a National Matter”  bible study. We will be considering the message of the 12th New Moon of the biblical calendar called “Adar”, especially as we consider the Message of the Book of Esther and her liturgical feast on the 2nd sabbath (15th day) of the month of … Continue reading

12th New Moon of Adar Liturgy & Message: “Adar’s Message: You are Part of a Drop in the Bucket”

Here is the audio from the 12th New Moon Convocation of Adar which was kept on Sunday the 10th of pagan March. This last New Moon we had a wonderful and fellowship filled Camp weekend, celebrating both the Sabbath and the New Moon together in the mountains of very rural Appalachia with nights of enjoyable camping, fun, dancing and fellowship with the church body. We hope to be able to do this again soon! We also had our first ordination service this last Sabbath as well as Brother Joshua Hasting’s has been ordained into the Ministry to hold an office … Continue reading

Leadership, Guidance, Obedience and Goal (Gen 7:13 & Num 10:13)

 In this post you will find our 1 downloads or a streaming audio file available to you: “Leadership, Guidance, Obedience and Goal (Gen 7:13 & Num 10:13)” This message is led by two liturgical calendar remembrances in the Word of God that tell us that both Genesis 7:11 and Numbers 10:11 took place in this last lunar week of the New Moon month. In considering the commonality of these reembraces we are drawn to consider the leadership quality of Noah and Moses as an example of proper family, church, & national government.   Support the efforts of those who Minister … Continue reading

pt.8 Basic & Foundational Applications (of Brotherhood and Brotherly Love)

“pt.8 Basic & Foundational Applications“ This message is A Subject study of Biblical Social Order This is part of the Application section in our study of Brotherhood and Brotherly Love. We will be discussing how to apply basic principles from what we have learned to an adverse world in basic and foundational way to build a better future for our brethren and our children according to the principles found in the Word of God by Faithful men and women. Remember when You are freely enjoying the notes you are reading or freely listen… SOME ONE IS STILL PAYING FOR IT … Continue reading

Part 14 1 Timothy 5:2-16 (Mother, Sister, Widow, Family, Nation)

While many dote about fables with an impressive genealogy of question begetting question, in this study as with the last “Father, Brother, Family, Nation) we are looking at the Household Law of God that is in Faith which stops the stupidity of the mysterious questions and gives answers which teach absolute truth and verity from the source of all truth, the Word of YHWH GOD-Ruler of Heaven and Earth!

There is a consistent morality taught by the Eternal God that is the original intention of the statements of Paul in 1 Tomothy 5:2-16, Before all else and every meaning one can imply into Paul’s words from out side of scripture concerning the care of widows we should understand this context from the primary perspective of the Law and Commandments of God as the consistent Christian verity concerning widows. In this study we look at Moses perfect solutions to these issues, as we see the perfect case example of faithful Boaz taking care of his own kindred, Ruth and Naomi (in the book of Ruth), as church man of his Family, kindred and Nation perfectly in order with the words of the inspired Apostle Paul. Continue reading