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Filler message due to busy schedule: The World Under GOD’S LAW!- RJ Rushdoony

As busy as this last week has been after the Heptzibah Men’s Conference for Brother Lowther he thought it was best to take last Sabbath easy, so we decided to not record our local bible study but to instead focus on fellowship and rest. I hope this message is a blessing for those of you who have not considered RJ Rushdoony’s insights. We will pick back up in Genesis: Answers from the Pentateuch next week, LORD Willing!   For those who listen to our messages regularly, I’ve decided to put up an ‘oldie, but a goodie’ as it’s said. RJ … Continue reading

THE LORD’s SUPPER: Pascha pt. 6 – In the spirit on the Lord’s day? (Sabbath Bible Study 1-29(2018)

SABBATH BIBLE STUDY  1-29 (2018) (click above for the Audio Message page)     AUDIO MESSAGE DOWN LOAD  AUDIO MESSAGE PAGE   TIP! CLICK above to Download the mp3 and listen any time or Go to the AUDIO MESSAGES PAGE and stream on line or DOWN LOAD and Follow along in study below (This Compilation is Esword compatable! -Just cut and past into you topic notes) Compiled by JS LOWTHER renewedcovenantministry.com servant@renewedcovenantministry.com How to Support ReNEWed Covenant Ministry? Ask by e-mail THE LORD’S SUPPER Christian Pascha A Sacrament of the Faith of Jesu(s) Christ Compiled by JS Lowther Part 6 In the Spirit … Continue reading