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Pt.4 The Will of God Abideth For Ever (Last)

Fourth and LAST part of: “Our Regulative Principle of Worship” This study is a doctrinal subject study with a focus on how “The Will of God Abideth For Ever”.   Remember when you are freely enjoying the notes you are reading or freely listen… SOME ONE IS STILL PAYING FOR IT Contribute when you can to keep us growing and free Subscribe to RNCM Podcast Feed iTunes • Other CLICK HERE FOR OUR SUPPORT PAGE   MP3 AUDIO MESSAGE DOWN LOAD-Listen any time! OR Page for Streaming Message – You can follow along with study notes below!   (For those … Continue reading

Spread the Seed of the Word of God

pt.3 Every Abominable Thing Which the LORD Hates

What is it that YHWH Hates?
1. Internal distortions of His Word from with in the congregation.
2. and foreign admixtures into His worship

Though we have good works, the name of God and faith unto death, if we do that which the LORD hates, He yet has aught against us. Rev 2:14 Continue reading

Spread the Seed of the Word of God