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Words from the last 2 Sabbaths: Leviticus 19 b & c (Sabbath School Studies) and a new series: “This is the Condemnation (John 3:1-23 exposition)”

In this post you will find some back messages from the last 2 sabbaths, sorry we got behind: Here are 4 downloads or streaming audio files available to you: Our Morning Sabbath School Bible studies: Leviticus b (19:19-28) Leviticus c (19:29-32) Our Evening Message: Pt.1 This is the Condemnation (John 3:1-23 exposition) Pt.2 This is the Condemnation (John 3:1-23 exposition) Support the efforts of those who Minister to you… We spend the time in our lives for you. What will you spend on us? Give as You are able. CLICK HERE FOR OUR SUPPORT PAGE What does our church’s Reformed … Continue reading

Last sabbath of 8th month and 9th Month of Chisleu for this year: Sabbath & New Moon Worship with Messages

(The Work of the New Covenant as taught by the New Moon)

This message is a subject study which looks at the nature of Spiritual Renewal as can be understood by the Heavenly ordination illustrated in the New Moon Chodesh of every biblical Month.

We will be discussing How an Elect Believer first hears the Word of God and is given the gift of Faith and is further moved to persevere it to his life as he applies the Word of God as Truth and Light. Continue reading

Pt. 4 Joy fulfilled In the Knowledge of His Will (The Doctrine of Good Works and of The Fruits of the Spirit)

Discussing the Joy a true believer has in the knowledge of Christ the Word as it developes into a fuller understanding of God will for a Christian life as a walk in the light of God’s Covenant & law as the basis for the Regulative principle. Continue reading